Lun, 20/06/2016
This document has been specifically created with the purpose to increase the part of the dissemination. The most significant results concerning the experimentation have been summarized with the aim of illustrating in a synthetic and explanatory way the conclusions reached.
The project contributes to the implementation of the EU commitments under UNFCCC Kyoto Protocol, and it facilitates the development of post 2012 implementation programme with a view on further reducing EU greenhouse gas emissions up to 2020. This objective has been directly targeted through the reduction of energy consumption for the treatment of gas streams and, above all, through the reduction of the consumption of chemicals characterized by high content of embodied energy (such sodium hydroxide).
In this paper we have been summarized the following actions:
  • The site definition of the end-user.
  • Characterization of the process and development of tools for ecosystem and biomass control.
  • Design, modification and set up of the final configuration of the prototype with optimized biodiscs and of the automated monitoring and control system.
  • Validation of the plant performance and optimization of the monitoring and control system in two different scenarios.