Wed, 15/06/2016

It is an instrument full of information about the BIOSUR LIFE project; different from a typical “Guide book”, generally referred to a book full of details about places, designed for the use of visitors or tourists. In this case we developed a guide with the aim of providing a friendly-user instrument in which are described the mostly important things about our project:
Ø  WHO we are;
Ø  WHY this project was born;
Ø  WHERE the prototype is situated;
Ø  The FEATURES of the reactor;
Ø  HOW it’s work;
Ø  the MANAGEMENT and the MONITORING plan;
Ø  a biology CHARACTERIZATION of the biomass;
Ø  the EFFICIENCY and the EFFECTIVENESS of the processes;
Ø  some PRESENTATIONS of conferences;
Ø  the VIDEO we made;
This guide has been produced with the program called "AutoPlay Media Studio 8 Professional"; which allowed to create in very handy interactive CD that immediately extract the required information with few clicks, as the pictures below shown.
Would you like to have a copy of the Guide Book? Send an e-mail to this address: