BIOSUR at Ecomondo 2012

Mon, 12/11/2012

Ecomondo is the most reliable platform to the basin of southern Europe and the Mediterranean for the development and reuse of materials and for the large-scale industry of the future also called Green Economy that owes its success to a just and fruitful blend of commercial size and the technical and scientific dimension with a significant space dedicated to innovation in the field of Green Economy.
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The event was held in Rimini, from 7 to 11 November 2012.
Inside the conference " VALUTAZIONE, CONTROLLO E REGOLAMENTAZIONE DELLE EMISSIONI ODORIGENE " the paper entitled “Analisi preliminare sulla sostenibilità economica ed ambientale di una tecnologia innovativa per la rimozione dell’H2S da effluenti gassosi” was presented allowing allowing the dissemination of the results of a preliminary analysis of the applicability of the innovative technology covered by the BIOSUR Project.
The presence of the Italprogetti Engineering  booth within the exhibition space increased the visibility of the BIOSUR project and the flyers  distribution.