BIOSUR and IPNOA. Networking activity between the two LIFE+ projects

Fri, 28/12/2012


Based on a conversation between the IPNOA and BIOSUR project coordinators at the National LIFE+ 2011 kick off meeting took place in Rome November 7th 2012 it became useful to provide a new meeting to evaluate the possibilities of a collaboration between the project partners.
The meeting took place in Decembre 28th 2012 at the headquarters of the Consortium Spa Cuoiodepur company and was attended by:
· Giorgio Virgili, Project Manager of IPNOA for West Systems - IPNOA Project Coordinator.
· Gualtiero Mori, Project Manager of BIOSUR for Consorzio Cuoiodepur Spa - BIOSUR Project Coordinator,
· Giulio Munz, participating in the BIOSUR project for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Florence - BIOSUR project Partner .
The meeting consisted of an initial exposure of the issues addressed by the two projects and activities and has been followed by a visit to the site where the demonstration plant will be located at the tannery wastewater treatment plant managed by Consorzio Cuoiodepur. Finally opportunities for collaboration between the partners acting within the LIFE + program were sought .
The analysis of the projects revealed that, although the implementation activities do not allow a strong interaction between the participants, some elements relating to the used methods and the objectives of the projects make interesting continuation of networking.
In particular, it emerges that:
· The two projects involve the monitoring of pollutants in the atmosphere, in particular the  H2S (BIOSUR) and N2O, CH4 and CO2 (IPNOA);
· Both projects aimed at the acquisition of useful knowledge for the minimization of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, IPNOA monitoring plan will propose a protocol for the management of natural resources (soil and water) that reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, while the BIOSUR, to develop a technology that reduces the emission of CO2 due to the consumption of soda for H2S removal.
· IPNOA project involves the use of advanced monitoring of compounds in the gaseous phase and the expertise developed could be an added value in some phases of the BIOSUR project .
The main link between the two projects, from a technical point of view, it was nevertheless identified with the possibility of using tools and methods developed in the process IPNOA for monitoring emissions from soil, for an on-line application in water purification plants . The greenhouse gas emissions, such as nitrogen oxides, are in fact subject of increasing attention in the processes of nutrient removal processes using activated sludge.
From an operational point of view, the continuation of networking actions between the two projects consist of the following activities:
· Cooperation in identifying resources for the action of networking and dissemination (link on their respective websites, identification of stakeholders, etc);
· Comparison on how comply formal procedures of the LIFE + program;
· Verification of possible future interactions between the actors involved in the LIFE + program;
· Relative comparison to the communication plan;
· Exchange of information material (flyers, invitations to seminars, reports) for mutual support in the actions of dissemination and networking.